Data Policy and Usage Guidelines

Adiyaman University Astrophysics Application And Research Center

Data Policy and Usage Guidelines

In the following, we specify the guidelines and conditions under which the Adiyaman University Optical Telescope Facility, referred to as ADYU60 from here onwards, may be used to acquire astrophysical data and how those data may be used, shared, and disseminated to the public and the research community at large. Adiyaman University, referred to as the University from here onwards, welcomes the use of ADYU60 in accordance with the guidelines stipulated below.

General Policy Statement

All astrophysical data taken with the ADYU60 are, and shall remain, the intellectual property of the University until such time that ownership is officially released by an authorized officer of the University. The officer in charge of ADYU60 is a regular member of the faculty of the University and holds the position of the Coordinator/Director of the facility. The contact information for the Coordinator/Director is listed below.

Acquisition of Data

All researchers, whether individuals, groups, and/or entities such as higher education institutions, require permission to make use of the ADYU60.

Researchers seeking permission to acquire astrophysical data with ADYU60 shall submit a written request to the Coordinator/Director (or his/her Delegate). The request should clearly state the justification and rationale for the intended use of the anticipated data. The decision by the Coordinator/Director (or his/her Delegate) to grant or refuse the permission is considered final. If the request is approved, the data acquisition team shall include at least one faculty or staff member from the University unless explicit permission has been granted by the Coordinator/Director (or his/her Delegate) to the contrary.

Usage of Data

Under no circumstances shall data taken with the ADYU60, be used, shared, disseminated and/or published in any form, without the written consent of the Coordinator/Director (or his/her Delegate) of the ADYU60. 

In any and all publications that include data taken with ADYU60, a full acknowledgement of the use of the facility is expected and appropriate credit is required for the participation of the University faculty/staff member(s) who supported the acquisition team during the taking of the data. In most circumstances this would imply the inclusion of the name(s) of the University faculty/staff member(s) on the publication unless explicit permission has been granted by the Coordinator/Director (or his/her Delegate) to the contrary.


The University considers violations of the aforementioned protocols to be a very serious matter and will hold the responsible researchers liable. In such cases, the University reserves the right to pursue all available legal channels to rectify, restore, and if appropriate, seek restitution and and/or compensation, that may be warranted as a result of actions of researchers that are deemed non-compliant.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of a dispute, the University shall proceed initially to resolve the dispute internally. Failing that, the University will agree to seek remediation through a mutually acceptable independent arbiter.

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Eda Sonbas: Director of ADYU-Astrophysics Application and Research Center

Tel. Number: +90(416)2233800/4113


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